Kathleen Dowell on the Evaluation Client Feedback Form

My name is Kathleen Dowell and I am President of Partners in Evaluation & Planning. As a full-time evaluation consultant, and lead in a consulting firm, I continually strive to improve our practice and service to clients.

Hot Tip: Want to assess the quality of the services you provide to evaluation clients? Then the Client Feedback Form (CFF) may be for you! Developed by several members of the American Evaluation Association’s TIG for Independent Consulting as a result of a desire to “walk the talk,” the CFF is a method of gathering systematic, specific feedback from your clients about your work. As many evaluators have discovered during their use of this tool, each and every CFF completed by a client can provide valuable information about how the client perceives your value and your work. Thus, use of the CFF goes beyond simply finding out whether a client is satisfied, but provides client assessments on specific dimensions of performance. It doesn’t matter if you send out one CFF or more; each one can be important in assessing your work as an evaluator. The CFF is downloadable from http://bit.ly/ClientFeedbackForm

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