Charles Gasper on Logic Models

My name is Charles Gasper and I am the Director of Evaluation for the Missouri Foundation for Health.  One of my major jobs is working with our internal staff and grantees in the development of theory-based logic models.

Hot Tip: Have Digital Camera and Post-it© Notes, will Travel! Getting a large group of people to engage in the development of a logic model can be a struggle.  One of the more difficult issues is the inability of people to see what is being built in real time.  To facilitate this, I use Post-it Notes©, stickies, or paper and tape with the names of the inputs, activities, outputs, and various levels of outcomes to map out the project with the stakeholders on one or more of the walls of the meeting room.  The various items get moved, collapsed, and expanded and the connecting arrows (Post-It© has great arrows and other shapes) until the stakeholders are happy with the model.  Then, the digital camera records the model for translation at the office.  The “finalized” model can then be represented to the stakeholders for any further modification.

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5 thoughts on “Charles Gasper on Logic Models”

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  2. Hi Charles,

    We at jdcPartnerships are big post-it fans as well. We often use it with clients when doing program or evalation modeling. I happened to stop by my local Staples yesterday and much to my glee there was a hole Post-its section. I am fully stocked with arrows and bubbles galore!

  3. What a great interactive, participatory way of doing things. And, you could potentially email stakeholders the “draft” logic model (the picture) at the end of one meeting, so that they may study and process the work that was done, and come prepared with additional input to the next meeting. (In my experience, it always takes multiple meetings! ;-))

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