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    1. “From October 2017 to January 2018, more than 60 people died from California wildfires and mudslides. Had they been told what officials knew about their danger, they might have lived.”

      Page St. John and Joseph Serna, IRE Journal, Second Quarter 2018, Under Fire, pp. 18-21.

      Today, November 15, 2018, over 50 are dead and over 100 missing. No one has yet complained that they were given adequate warning, or even notice of what was heading their way.

      Maybe, just maybe, IRE needs to work with at least one program evaluation group (AEA365, American Evaluation Association (AEA)) to determine how to pressure governments at all levels to realize next year is coming, and it could be worse.

      Dwight Hines

      Copy: AEA365

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