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5 thoughts on “About”

    1. AEA365 Contributor, Curated by Elizabeth DiLuzio

      Hi Julie,
      Just seeing your comment and hoping you have since been able to subscribe to our blog. Let me know if you have not. You can reach me (Liz DiLuzio) directly at aea365@eval.org.

  1. Hello, I am trying to subscribe to an email but the link leads me to a broken link.
    Please advise how I can receive updates from you!
    Thank you!

    1. Elizabeth DiLuzio

      Hi Anna! We’re in the process of changing subscription services, which I imagine is what’s causing the issue. I’ll forward your comment and email on to the person in charge of the changeover. Feel free to keep in touch with me at aea365@eval.org so that we can get you signed up as soon as the changeover is complete.

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