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AEA365 Curators

AEA365 is made possible by our curating team who contribute content for the blog and assist our guest blog authors.

Elizabeth DiLuzio, Lead Curator
Elizabeth DiLuzio

Elizabeth DiLuzio is an educator and evaluator who helps organizations with their strategic decision-making. She believes in the power of a well-facilitated process to merge data-informed decisions with institutional wisdom. Elizabeth works as an evaluator for the Behavioral Health Improvement Institute in Keene, NH and an adjunct professor at New York University. Her superpower is facilitating group processes. Elizabeth holds masters degrees in global public health and social work.

Elizabeth Grim, Curator
Elizabeth Grim

Elizabeth Grim is a puzzle, book, and nature loving evaluation consultant. As the Founder and Principal Consultant of Elizabeth Grim Consulting, LLC, she coaches organizations from confusion to clarity to elevate their story with data. Elizabeth believes in the power of people, community, and storytelling to disrupt the status quo. She has a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Jayne Corso, Community Manager
Jayne Corso
Jayne Corso

Jayne Corso is the community manager for the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and provides the voice for AEA’s social media channels. She is a regular contributor to the AEA365 blog, where she writes about social media tools and trends.

Since graduating from the University of Tampa in 2010, Jayne has been pursuing marketing and social media management in both  the public and private sectors. She enjoys seeing how social media continues to evolve and change the course of traditional marketing strategies.  She has seen social media change from an experimental tool to a prominent engagement platform for education,  membership, and consumer purposes.

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  1. Sorry Kathryn, the blog was down for a bit and the comments weren’t able to be approved as fast as usual. Your comment on the blog is up now.

  2. Sheila Robinson

    Hello Beth! Glad you found the blog, and please do share with your classmates and colleagues. Best wishes on your project!

  3. Thanks for your kind words Jean! So glad you enjoy the blog. We do encourage authors to include images when they can especially for those using Pinterest. Unfortunately, I can’t change the header at this time. If there is a particular post you want to pin that has no image, feel free to contact me and I will contact the author to ask if he or she would be willing to contribute one. We can always add an image to a post after it is published on the site.

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