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Simple Tips for Reminding People That You are on Social Media by Jayne Corso

Hello, my name is Jayne Corso and I am the community manager for the American Evaluation Association.

Social media offers a great way to have conversations with like-minded individuals. But, what if those like-minded individuals don’t know you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page. I am sharing just a few easy tips for getting the word out on your social media channels.

Hot Tip: Have Social Media Predominately Displayed on Your Website

A great way to show that you are on social media channels is to display social media icons at the top of your website. Some organizations put these at the bottom of their website where they usually get lost—when was the last time you scrolled all the way to the bottom of a website?

Moving your icons to the top of your website is also helpful for mobile devices. More and more people are using their cell phones instead of desktops to search website. With the icons above the “fold” or at the top of your page, they are easy to find no matter what device you are using.

Hot Tip: Reference Social Media in Emails

You are already sending emails to your followers or database, so why not tell them about your social media channels? You can do this in a very simple way, by adding the icons to your email template, or you can call out your social channels in your emails. Try doing a dedicated email promoting your social channels. Social media is the most direct way to communicate with your followers or database, so showcase this benefit to your fans!

Hot Tip: Continue the Conversation on Social Media

Moving conversations to your social media pages can add longevity to your discussion and invites more people to participate. If you have written an email about an interesting topic, invite your database to continue the conversation on Twitter. You can create a hashtag for your topic, so all posts can be easily searched. You can also do this on Facebook and encourage a conversation in the comments of a post.

I hope these tips were helpful. Follow AEA on Facebook and Twitter!

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