Lev Penny on ProfHacker for the Academically Inclined (and even those who aren’t!)

My name is Lev Penny and I am an itinerant instructor. In November, I read John VanDyke’s piece where he recommended Lifehacker, Zenhabits, and MakeUseOf for self-improvement reading. The first week in December, Shelby First chimed in to suggest HackCollege for aea365’s student readers in particular. I’m going to build on their contributions, but suggest an alternative, one aimed at those representing the other side of the academic coin.

Rad Resource – ProfHacker: ProfHacker is a blog from the Chronicle of Higher Education with “Tips about teaching, technology, and productivity.” There are a number of contributors, spanning the gamut of the professorial spectrum. Recent goodies have included have included guidance on how to “Collaborate with Colleagues Using Google+ with Extras,” “Ideas for Archiving CVs (and Why You’d Want To),” “Tracking Moves on the Classroom Backchannel with Storify,” and “Protecting ‘Your’ Data” this last piece made me look differently at the little piece of ‘me’ that are scattered throughout the web.

ProfHacker is right on target if you work in the classroom – or even if you don’t and are a fan of the blogs mentioned by John and Shelby and want something perhaps a bit more academic focused.

P.S. Family, I would like almost anything from ProfHacker’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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