Learn, Serve, Lead: 2018 Call for AEA Board Nominations by Anne Vo, Brandon Coffee-Borden, Jennifer Greene, Maurice Samuels, and Nicole Vicinanza

Greetings, AEA Members. We are Anne Vo (Chair; University of Southern California), Brandon Coffee-Borden (Community Science), Jennifer Greene (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Maurice Samuels (MacArthur Foundation), and Nicole Vicinanza (JBS International) — your 2018 Nominations Working Group. We have the pleasure of announcing the Call for AEA Board Nominations and encouraging you to consider getting involved in our beloved organization by serving on the AEA Board.

Opportunities to Serve:

The 2018 slate calls for nominations for President-elect and 3 Board Members-at-Large.

Time Commitment:

The President serves a three-year term in the roles of President-elect (2019), President (2020), and Past President/Secretary (2021). The President presides over all Board meetings.

Board Members-at-Large will serve three-year terms, starting January 1, 2019, and are expected to attend three Board meetings per year.

In addition to meeting attendance, each Board member and the President actively participate in the work of the Board, engage in ongoing email communications, and liaise with Board Task Forces, Working Groups, or other Board-focused volunteer groups.


Particularly strong candidates for these leadership positions are individuals who have:

  • Been active members of AEA for a minimum of three years,
  • Served in leadership roles within AEA units such as TIGs, Working Groups, Task Forces, Local Affiliates, and others,
  • Contributed to and served the evaluation profession in other ways.

Note that candidates who would like to be considered for the post of President-elect must be AEA members who are based in the United States. Prior service on the Board is preferred, though not required. All candidates’ availability and accessibility are also considered.


AEA and the Leadership Team are committed to actively cultivating meaningful diversity in the governance of the association. Particular attention is paid to meaningful balance among individuals representing the following dimensions of diversity:

  • Gender (including nondiscrimination based on sexual representation and orientation or gender identity)
  • Racial/ethnic representation
  • Disciplinary heterogeneity
  • Practitioner/academic balance
  • Geographic heterogeneity (within the United States)
  • International representation and perspectives
  • Heterogeneity of areas of application

Learning More:

AEA relies on members to provide leadership, and values a large and diverse pool of member leaders! To learn more…

  • Access the Nominations Working Group’s Coffee Break Webinar for information about:
    • What is involved in running for and serving on the AEA Board of Directors
    • What the nominating committee looks for in potential nominees
    • How you can become involved in AEA leadership
    • Paths to serving on the AEA Board
  • Reach out to current Board Members to learn about their experiences.

Navigate to the AEA’s Resource Page to access materials that describe how to prepare a nomination packet for yourself or others. Contact us! We are also glad to help answer questions about the nomination process. If we do not have the answers, we can definitely offer suggestions for who to ask.

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