Karen Anderson on More Ways to Get Involved With #Eval12: Picture Time

Hello, I’m Karen Anderson AEA’s Diversity Coordinator Intern. The AEA 26th Annual Conference  had its kick off today with pre-conference professional development workshops; and once the midweek sessions begin we’re expecting close to 3,000 attendees to have joined us here in Minneapolis! You can search here for the sessions that begin on Wednesday.

This year we have something new in store for conference attendees during the opening reception-poster exhibition on Wednesday evening and at the reception-silent auction on Friday evening.  AEA will have its very first photo booth at the Annual Conference! Get excited! If you like taking pictures and love evaluation then this is for you!

At the photo booth, attendees will:

1. Choose a whiteboard and complete the open ended statement provided, for example:

“I will be responsive to culture in (my) evaluation work by…”

2. Choose a fancy accessory to personalize their photo a bit and to give it a little pizzazz!

No need to bring your own, we have plenty to choose from!

Rad Resource: Check out a few ideas by going to Pinterest and using the keywords “photo booth”

Hot Tip: Once you get to the photo booth choose a board that you can relate to the most, but remember to have a little fun with it.

No worries, if you won’t be able to attend the conference in person, you can still get in on the fun!

Send us your e-whiteboard responses in the comments section below to the open ended statement above.

Don’t get left out of the conference fun, we want to hear from you!

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  1. This is such a great concept! I am going to bring this white-board idea to our group that is planning a spring national conference. Thanks for sharing!

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