Susan Kistler on Subscribing to the eLibrary

Hello! I am Susan Kistler, AEA’s Executive Director, writing to you live from Evaluation 2012 in Minneapolis. Conference week brings a flurry of additions to the AEA public eLibrary. We want to make it a little easier to know about new contributions.

Rad Resource: The AEA Public eLibrary has over 1000 materials, shared peer-to-peer from evaluators, for evaluators. We anticipate over 500 additions this year from Evaluation 2012 content – slides, handouts, examples, etc.

Hot Tip: Here are four ways to know about new additions to the AEA Public eLibrary:

  1. New! Subscribe to the eLibrary additions via email – receive a single email each day that additions are made to the eLibrary, including titles and a brief abstract for each new item
  2. New! Subscribe to the eLibrary additions via RSS – updates will be posted to your RSS feed in real time
  3. Make periodic visits directly to the eLibrary website – there you’ll be able to check out the most recently viewed and the most popular downloads as well as search the entire repository
  4. Follow @aeaweb on twitter and keep an eye out for announcements of eLibrary additions – this isn’t comprehensive, but we do try to include updates about a range of new items

Happy learning!

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