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“American Evaluation Association this is Milos Speaking how may I Help you?” by Milos Popovic

Milos Popovic

You’ve probably heard a new voice on the phone when you’ve called into the AEA main line. The first thing you ask might not be related to membership, but to the pronunciation of my name, and that’s completely okay (it’s Mee-lowsh)!

My name is Milos Popovic, and I have been the Operations Associate for AEA for the last three months now. It has been a truly rewarding experience. I especially enjoy engaging directly with AEA members.  I am answering e-mails and calls daily, working to handle all requests related to membership. Whether you are having trouble logging in to your profile or would like to renew your membership, I am always gladly willing to help.

What keeps me motivated at AEA is hearing a member say that I made their life easier. Even if it is just helping reset a password, I am happy to makes sure that members are able to take advantage of the entire landscape of AEA’s offerings. That is the essence of our service to our members, to be a resource in their careers in the field of evaluation, not a liability. While I am answering phones and e-mails, I know I am contributing to improve overall member satisfaction with our organization.

On a final note, if you have any questions regarding Evaluation 2017, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 202-367-1166 or e-mail at info@eval.org.

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