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YFE Week: Aspen Foy, Journey Henderson, Sira Sangarie, Sati Xiong, Alexus Mc Clain on Youth Voice in our Youth Evaluation Team

We are Aspen, Journey, Sira, Sati, and Alexus- members of the Youth Evaluation Team at the Goodman Community Center (GCC) in Madison, Wisconsin. We are high school youth who work with GCC staff, and graduate students and researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to evaluate different programs in our community centers and schools.

Lessons Learned:

Within our evaluation process, many people ask, “Why should there be a youth evaluation team in our community center?” We have learned that the most important reason an evaluation team is beneficial is the opportunity for youth voice.

  • The program gives us a chance to give our input and ideas on problems within our community centers on the north and eastside of Madison.
  • It also gives us a chance to take responsibility for the improvement in the communities, and practice leadership skills around decision making.
  • Another thing that we like about being on an evaluation team is getting to collaborate with staff to organize surveys and collecting data. We also get to work as a team with the staff and get to be treated like one of them, instead of just a student giving feedback.
  • When it comes to the evaluation teams and the process, they’re a good reference to have for college applications and it is great for finding different connections throughout the community for more jobs and evaluation opportunities.
  • This program gives us, and the staff that we work with, a chance to work on improving our skills of working with others, and communicating with people we may not know to get connections for our data collecting. All of these activities have given us the opportunity to grow as a person and experience a college level type of prospect.

Our purpose for having this evaluation team and doing all this work is to better our communities and become role models for younger kids who might want to be a part of an evaluation group to have their voices heard. We also plan on leaving our community center and schools better than they were when we first started.

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4 thoughts on “YFE Week: Aspen Foy, Journey Henderson, Sira Sangarie, Sati Xiong, Alexus Mc Clain on Youth Voice in our Youth Evaluation Team”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Amy Dyer and I am currently taking my Masters’ of Education from Queens University. For an assignment, we had to find an article that we found interesting and write a reply to the author.

    I feel like the initiative you have created! I think it provides an excellent opportunity for youth to get involved and take ownership and become leaders.

    I have a few questions for you.
    1) How was the group selected?
    2) Is it a one-year term assignment?

    Good luck with the initiative. It sounds like it will not only benefit the youth but also the wider community.


    1. Larry D. Brown Jr.

      Hi Amy,
      Hope you are doing well. I just happened to be scrolling AEA365 and saw your comment/inquiry. I used to co-direct the Youth Evaluation Team, and would be happy to respond to any questions you have and/or put you in touch with site. My email is lbrown25@wisc.edu or you can reach me by phone at 310-208-9843. Best regards.

  2. Hi! What an awesome initiative! We`re hoping to do something similar at our YMCA and you`ve completely inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope we`ll hear more about your experiences.

  3. The possibility of developing a youth-led evaluation project at the organization I work with excites me! it makes sense to provide opportunities for young people to develop evaluation skills as a method for developing leadership skills and decision making – as the authors above stated. Thank you for highlight youth-led evaluation efforts.

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