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CMM TIG Week: Multisite Longitudinal Studies in Education by Edith Gozali-Lee

This week, we celebrate the theme of cluster, multi-site, and multi-level evaluation with its topical interest group.

This blog was originally posted on August 10, 2012.

Hello, I am Edith Gozali-Lee, a research scientist at Wilder Research. I work primarily on research and evaluation projects related to education. I am currently working on a multi-site, longitudinal study of an early childhood initiative. The study includes three cohorts of school-based preschool program children in ten schools, five cohorts of community-based child care children in homes and centers, and comparison children with and without prior preschool experience. The study follows children from preschool to third grade. That’s a lot to track, making good data collection critical from the start.

Hot Tips:

These are a few coding tips that will help to ensure good data collection tracking:

  • Anticipate the different groups ahead of time and make intuitive coding to make it easier for the following years’ data tracking and analyses
  • Use categories or codes used by schools to make data analyses process easier when you merge data that you collect with other student data collected by schools (demographic data and student outcomes)
  • Label all instruments (survey and assessment forms) with these codes prior to data collection to reduce coding work after the data collection and errors for data entry

Lesson Learned:

It is helpful to hold regular project debriefs to reflect on what works well and does not work so well. This will make the evaluation process go smoother and faster the next time around.

Rad Resources:

Practical research-based information, visit CYFERnet Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network

Resources for research in early childhood:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota at the AEA conference this October. Results of this study (along with other Wilder Research projects and studies) will be presented during a poster session: Academic Outcomes of Children Participating in Project Early Kindergarten Longitudinal Study.

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