Welcoming Back a Friend of AEA365 by Sheila B Robinson

Hello dear readers! I’m Sheila B Robinson, AEA365’s Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor. Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming back Sara Vaca to our AEA365 curating team! Sara worked with us a few years ago, moved on to some other pursuits and collaborations, and has now returned!

Rad Resource: Read Sara’s brief bio to get to know her:

Sara brings a wealth of experience with both evaluation and blogging, a history of contribution to this blog, a broad range of interests in including data visualization, an international perspective, and a creative spirit to AEA and to AEA365.

Sara is an independent international consultant. She usually conducts evaluations (often of Livelihoods, Gender and HR programs), though sometimes she takes related assignments on developing Theories of Change or Quality Assurance of the evaluation functions. She enjoys Evaluation Theory as much as field work: Her background is in the Red Cross Movement, and now she works with big and small UN Agencies and NGOs. She is a passionate of Data Visualization (specifically, visualization of qualitative information) and she periodically blogs in her website. She is Spanish (from Madrid), though she lives in France (in a small village in the South), and when she attends AEA conferences she feels “home”.
For more information, check her Visual CV. She is always up for collaborating with colleagues.
Sara will be working on outreach to bring new authors to the blog, and on supporting TIGs and other groups who sponsor weeks.
Rad Resource: I also want to give a big shout out to Samantha Grant, Evaluation Director at the University of Minnesota Extension, who has worked behind the scenes at AEA365 for many years. Sara’s specific focus is on working with a group of TIGs who sponsor weeks on AEA365 each year. You can learn more about Samantha here.

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