Tuning into 2022 by Elizabeth Grim

Happy New Year! This is Elizabeth Grim, AEA365 Curator and sometimes blog contributor. As we begin another year of AEA365, let’s look back on some of the highlights from 2022, as summarized by MonsterInsights.

How popular was AEA365 in 2022?

The AEA365 website was visited 111,653 times for a total of 121,198 sessions. Wow, that is a lot of evaluation lovers!

Readership was fairly consistent across months, with peaks during March and October and some decline during the summer months.

The AEA365 website was visited 111,653 times for a total of 121,198 sessions.
Who is reading AEA365?

In 2022, AEA365 readers came from 211 different countries, with the top 5 countries represented being the United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

Approximately 68% of visitors were female and 68% were young and emerging evaluators between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

AEA365 readers came from 211 different countries, with the top 5 countries represented being the United States (72,790), Canada (8,833), China (7,673), United Kingdom (4.277), and the Philippines (3,161).
Where did AEA365 readers learn about the posts?

The top referral sources were LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Referral SourcePage Views
Path LMS426

Surprisingly to me, the majority of readers viewed AEA365 on a desktop device (79%), as compared to a tablet (0%) or mobile device (21%).

Which posts were most viewed?

Last week, Lead Curator Liz DiLuzio shared 2022’s top posts, according to the number of shares on social media.

  1. Creating More Inclusive Conference Spaces by me (Elizabeth Grim)
  2. What if Funders Asked New Grantees About Their Learning Plans Instead of Their Evaluation Frameworks? by Andrew Taylor and Ben Liadsky
  3. Reflections of an Evaluator during Pinktober by Beverly Peters
  4. OL-ECB TIG Week: Must We Call It ‘Evaluation’? – How ‘M&E’ Language Can be a Barrier to Institutionalising Learning by Barbara Klugman
  5. #Eval22 Roundup by Elizabeth DiLuzio
  6. White Privilege Awareness Week: Relationship to Self: How it Supports Anti-Racist Evaluation Practice by Trilby Smith
  7. EPE TIG Week: Evaluators as Data Shepherds by Rupu Gupta and Arika Virapongse

As evaluators, we know that there are many different ways to define and quantify a metric. We can also look at the top posts by number of page views in 2022. The top 5 AEA365 pages, according to page views, were:

  1. AEA356: A tip-a-day by and for evaluators (main homepage)
  2. As an evaluator, do I use words (e.g., stakeholder) that can be harmful to others? by Goldie MacDonald & Anita McLees
  3. Interview Sampling by Beverly Peters
  4. Take Advantage of Canva’s Latest Updates by Jayne Corso
  5. Starting at the End: Measuring Learning Using Retrospective Pre-Post Evaluations by Debi Lang and Judy Savageau

Interestingly, other than people going to the AEA365 homepage to see the latest posts, the other 4 were all blogs posted before 2022. This made me feel hopeful that folks are digging into the archive when they need a resource for their work.

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