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Susan Kistler on the Top 10 Evaluation H&Rs from 2010

I’m Susan Kistler, AEA’s Executive Director and contributor of each Saturday’s aea365 post. I’ve written before about AEA’s Headlines and Resources list which compiles items from across the field into a tidy bundle which most subscribers see each Sunday. Today, I’m listing the top H&R items from 2010 so you are sure not to miss them, and to provide comparison monitoring data for other groups doing similar projects.

1. (1226 clickthroughs/October 2009) Periodic Table of Visualization Methods – examples for each of approx 100 ways to express data visually

Posted in October of 2009, this ‘went viral’ and was still receiving clickthroughs throughout 2010.

2. (495 clickthroughs/November) Lots of new items this week in the AEA eLibrary from #eval10 presenters!

Presenters have added still more – over 200 to date!

3. (442 clickthroughs/March) AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Institute Registration Now Open!

Link removed – the 2010 Institute is now well past. Save the dates for 2011 in Atlanta, June 12-15. Registration opens in March.

4. (388 clickthroughs/April) Friday Funny: 62 (Good) Reasons for Avoiding Evaluation in the UN System via the Genuine Evaluation Blog

Jane Davidson and Patricia Rogers began the Genuine Evaluation Blog in February of 2010. Their Friday Funny posts are at once funny and frightfully on-target.

5. (368 clickthroughs/January) Spread the word! aea365 blog – tip a day for and from evaluators starts today

Still going strong in 2011 with over 1600 daily subscribers. Thanks to the readers and volunteers making aea365 a success.

6. (357 clickthroughs/October) Rick Davies from the European Evaluation Society conference – Do we need a Minimum Level of Failure (MLF)?

Rick Davies wrote this post on his ‘Rick on the Road’ blog focusing on evaluation of development aid.

7. (337 clickthroughs/October) Evaluation 2010 Conference Attendees – Nights Out signups are now open!

Link removed – Nights Out brings together groups for socializing and networking. We’ll be in Anaheim for 2011!

8. (290 clickthroughs/April) A bounty of sources on presenting data graphically and presenting results

Gene Shackman maintains resource lists on multiple topics related to evaluation.

9. (295 clickthroughs/January) E Tufte critiques the 2008 iPhone Interface as an example of data visualization – YouTube Video

Author ofVisual Display of Quantitative Information turns his eye to Apple’s darling.

10. (283 clickthroughs/April) Time for a laugh: Evaluation focused parody of Snow White from MQ Patton in AEA Public eLibrary

And, a great teaching tool from our own Michael Quinn Patton!

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  • Admin comment by Susan Kistler · January 19, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Great observation Nicole! The range of content is really intriguing – and the split between content inside and outside of AEA as well. Can’t wait to see what rises to the top this year!


  • Nicole Vicinanza · January 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Hi Susan- Thanks for posting this list! I love seeing the diversity of what catches peoples eyes (and mice). The serious, the procedural, the technological and the humorous all seem to be represnted here.


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