Susan Kistler on the Evaluation 2013 AEA Annual Conference Call for Proposals

My name is Susan Kistler and I am the Executive Director for the American Evaluation Association. I contribute each Saturday’s post to aea365. One of my favorite components of my work with AEA is the opportunity to read the proposals for the annual conference as they are submitted. It is a bit like being the first in line to see a new exhibit at a museum or getting a preview copy of an engrossing new book before it is available in stores. It is that time of year. I am doing my happy dance.

Hot Tip – Evaluation 2013 Call for Proposals Now Online: We are calling on all who work or study in the field of evaluation to propose to share your best work in evaluation theory or practice at Evaluation 2013, the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association. We anticipate that 3000 colleagues will gather for a week of learning, collaboration, and connection and hope that you will be among those in attendance.

The conference is broken down into 50 Topical Strands that examine the field from the vantage point of a particular methodology, context, or issue as well as the Presidential Strand highlighting this year’s Presidential Theme of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century.

Hot Tip: Presentations may explore the Presidential Strand Theme or any aspect of the full breadth and depth of evaluation theory, practice, management, or consulting.


Next Steps:

Help us to make Evaluation 2013 an event to remember!

1 thought on “Susan Kistler on the Evaluation 2013 AEA Annual Conference Call for Proposals”

  1. With respect to the process of electing a new AEA president, why not ask the candidates to draft a mock one-page conference theme for our review? That way we can elect them based on the relevance of their ideas to AEA’s values rather than on their qualifications alone.

    Food for thought. 🙂


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