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Sudharshan Seshadri on Resources for Program Evaluation

Hello! My name is Sudharshan Seshadri and I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Professional Studies specializing in Humanitarian Services Administration.

I started to realize that “data” is being considered as a most promising feature to understand the activity of evaluation. To abstract the data needs, I believe as an evaluator, we should be conscious to explore the resources available in all forms of ubiquitous information.

I would like to share a few resources that are promising to beginners in the conduct of evaluation. For the purpose of ease of use, I shall classify the resources under three headings:

Rad Resources for Program Planning

1.      The Ohio State Evaluation Bulletin, Extension – A systemic approach to design and plan program evaluations. (http://ohioline.osu.edu/b868/)

2.      Program Planning – Program Development and Evaluation. PD & E). UWEX. (http://www.uwex.edu/ces/pdande/planning/index.html)

3. Planning a Program Evaluation: Worksheet (Co-operative Extension)


4.      Evaluation design checklist, Daniel L.Stufflebeam, The Evaluation Centre,WesternMichiganUniversity. (http://www.wmich.edu/evalctr/checklists/)

5.      Key Evaluation Checklist (KEC), Michael Scriven. (https://communities.usaidallnet.gov/fa/system/files/Key+Evaluation+Checklist.pdf)

Rad Resources for Program Implementation, Monitoring, and Delivery

1.      W.K.Kellogg Foundation. Evaluation Handbook. (http://www.wkkf.org/knowledge-center/resources/2010/W-K-Kellogg-Foundation-Evaluation-Handbook.aspx)

2.      Program Manager’s Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation tool kit. Division for Oversight Services. Tool number 5. (http://www.unfpa.org/monitoring/toolkit.htm)

3.      Evaluation Models. View Points on Educational and Human Services Evaluation. Second Edition. Edited by Daniel.L. Stufflebeam, George.F. Madaus & Thomas Kellaghan. (http://www.unssc.org/web/programmes/LS/unep-unssc-precourse-material/7_eVALUATIONl%20Models.pdf)

Rad Resources for Program Utilization

1. Utilization – Focused Evaluation. Michael.Q. Patton. Fourth Edition. Sage Publications.

2.      Independent Evaluation Group. (IEG) The World Bank Group. Improving development results through excellence in evaluation. (http://www.worldbank.org/oed/)

3.      My M & E – A platform for sharing knowledge and practice amongst M & E practitioners worldwide. (www.mymande.org)

4. “Evaluate”, Evaluation centre operated by Western Michigan University, Specializing in National Science Foundation (NSF) Evaluations. (www.evalu-ate.org)

5. United Kingdom Evaluation Society.(UKES) Resources/Evaluation Glossary/ (http://www.evaluation.org.uk/resources/glossary.aspx)

Lessons Learned: Always initiate the search for data needs. In the information age, we have plethora of evaluation services in execution all over the world. Data acts a gateway to useful and significant research practices carried out in the profession of evaluation. Clearly, I accord benchmarking as an outcome of consistent resource search and utilization.

Hot Tip #1: How long can you stare at the Google search engine screen for your data needs? Expand your search through a multitude of web resources.

Hot Tip #2: Use networking to get instant responses to your queries. It allows you to create a new dimension for your learning and practice methods. For example, I created a separate page named “The Evaluation Library” for my books, references and tools in Facebook that I use frequently in the evaluation context.

Hot Tip #3: Ease of data access penetrates your interest to dig deeper. Stack or list all your resources in a platform that you visit frequently.

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