Show us your 2020 Vision! Let’s Rock the 2019 AEA Vote! by Sheila B Robinson

Hello AEA members! Sheila B Robinson, aea365’s Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor with an important message about the AEA elections. The  ballot is now open for our 2020 President-elect and Members-at-Large of AEA’s Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, AEA member voting has been historically low. Let’s do better this year!

Hot Tip: Don’t recognize some of the names? Get to know your candidates and cast your vote! Check out candidate bios here so you can familiarize yourself with their backgrounds and their visions for AEA. These candidates are accomplished leaders not only in AEA but in their own fields as well. Do your due diligence and give them each a few minutes of your time to learn about what they have to offer our association. They’ve worked  hard to get themselves on the ballot through a rigorous nomination process.

Many of us consider AEA to be our professional home and leadership is important to who we are as an association and what we have the potential to become.

Rad Resources: Our 2020 nominees (in alphabetical order in each category):

President-Elect (we vote for 1)Your vote counts

  • Stan Capela
  • Thomas Grayson

Treasurer (we vote for 1)

  • Felicia Bohanon
  • Thomas Chapel

Board Member-At-Large (we vote for 3)

  • Meg Hargreaves
  • Karen Jackson
  • Thomas Kelly
  • Xiaoxia Newton
  • Libby Smith
  • Guili Zhang

Rad Resources: Our candidates’ bios. Each has taken considerable time and effort to prepare their statements. Won’t you give them your time to read them? Once you’ve done that, voting takes just seconds to complete.

Cool Trick: You can also watch the 2019 Meet the Candidates webinar recordings via a link on the 2019 AEA Election page.

Hot Tip: Please check your recent email from with information on the election and a link to your ballot. You may vote at any time between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday July 31, 2019.

Email or call the AEA office at any time with questions or concerns related to the ballot or any of your member benefits.

Get Involved: Play a role in this year’s election and make your voice heard. Let’s ROCK.THIS.VOTE!

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1 thought on “Show us your 2020 Vision! Let’s Rock the 2019 AEA Vote! by Sheila B Robinson”

  1. Stanley Capela

    Thank you Sheila for the post. Yes please vote we need the AEA more than ever. The only way the organization remains strong and viable is by the active participation of its membership.

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