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Shortcut Week: Stephen Tyler on Resources for Finding Shortcuts

Shortcutting causes erosinoI’m Stephen Tyler (no, not that Steven Tyler – I can’t even play an instrument) and I’m wrapping up shortcut week by sharing where you can find more shortcuts. Sometimes you stumble upon them. Sometimes a friend or family member shares them. But maybe you’re a shortcut addict, or you just want to check out a bunch of them at once. These resources are here to help – just be sure that your shortcuts don’t cause erosion of quality as you go!

Rad Resource – shortcutworld.com: This site aims to be “The world’s largest keyboard shortcut database (one day)” and they are well on the way. You can contribute to the community developing this wiki-style listing that is nicely indexed, or you can just browse what is already there. They appear strongest in Excel, Firefox, Windows, and OneNote.

Rad Resource – Shortcut of the day on Lifehacker: I love lifehacker.com. Their site is full of great tech tips and more. They issue a shortcut of the day, along with a very brief video if you need to see how to do what they are explaining in words. However, it is their Australian sister site that has managed to compile their (almost) daily additions in a more usable format and that is the site to which I have linked.

Rad Resource – Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Page: Microsoft has compiled all of the shortcuts that apply to its Windows 7 operating system here. The downside is that I don’t find their organization to be the most intuitive or useful – at once too comprehensive, yet broken into categories that don’t match how I think.

Rad Resource – MindTools.com: This site has something to sell – its “Club MindTools.” Go ahead and drop the $19/month if you wish to dive deeply into their resources, but I’ve been impressed by their range of free tools that focus on problem solving, time management, creativity, communications, etc. I’ve found a host of things in their free tools that have saved me time and effort – life shortcuts if you will – as well as simply improved my work processes (not necessarily making things faster, but better).

Hot Tip – Share your shortcuts: Have you shared your favorite shortcut yet this week? Know of a resource online where you can find shortcuts and ideas for improving efficiency (and effectiveness)? Share via the comments please!

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