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Shelby First on HackCollege and Making the Most of Google Search

I’m Shelby First, an overworked, underpaid, totally exhausted, happy with my life, graduate student. This is a companion piece to the one written by John VanDyke earlier this week, John wrote about Lifehacker, Zenhabits, and MakeUseOf – three of my favorite  sites for hacking your life by finding those little efficiencies and tools that make you more productive and more at peace, giving yourself a  you-upgrade. I want to add one more to the list and to share a great item as well.

Rad Resource – HackCollege – Where the tagline is “Work smarter, not harder.” HackCollege has a mix of articles aimed at students. Recent ones included “Friday Fun: Make Your Reheated Pizza Suck Less with These Three Techniques” and “How To Tackle Huge Projects With the Dash Method.” Their content ranges from the extremely practical (recipes) to the more academic-oriented (research guidance) to the student-specific (note taking). To use John’s categories, it is roughly 50% tech, 50% everything else.

Rad Resource – Google Search Tips – I thought that I was great at googling to find things on the web until HackCollege published the Get More Out of Google infographic guide below. I didn’t even know you could search by file type or find items only with specific phrases right in the title.

Get more out of Google
Created by: HackCollege

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