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Sheila B Robinson on Tips for First Time Attendees at Evaluation 2015

Hello AEA members! I’m Sheila B Robinson, aea365’s Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor with tips for first-time conference attendees.

Hot Tips: Here’s what I’ve learned both from my own experience and from many others.

  1. Build your agenda before the conference! There are hundred of sessions, and no, you cannot attend them all! Use the online agenda builder and download the new conference app (they sync!) to help plan your agenda and connect with other conference-goers. Try to attend a variety of session types sponsored by different TIGs.
  2. Leave your day job behind! This is your time for learning, networking, and having fun! Try to give the conference experience your full attention to get the most out of it.
  3. Masquerade as an extrovert, even if you’re not! I traveled to my first AEA conference alone and didn’t know anyone there. I met my first AEA friend by recognizing the name on her name tag as someone who had authored an aea365 post I liked, so I approached her and told her as much. We ended up talking, attending sessions together, and even having dinner. And regarding the “BIG NAMES,” approach them too! I’ve now approached and met all of them. Guess what? I’ve found them all to be genuinely nice people willing to chat for a few moments, sign books, and pose for pictures.
  4. Attend the Poster Session, Meet the Authors session, and Silent Auction. OK, this is probably more a continuation of Tip #3 but also important enough to warrant its own number. These sessions are fabulous networking opportunities. It’s easy to strike up conversations with poster presenters, the people who gather with you at a poster of interest, book authors sitting at their tables, others who gather at the same author tables, and people shopping at the silent auction. You automatically have something in common with people when you’re in the same place at the same time. Why not let that be your icebreaker? Oh, and here’s another one. Go to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Yes, really. So many people travel to this conference on their own that typically, the restaurants start asking people with the tell-tale red name tag and tote bag if they wouldn’t mind sharing tables. I’ve met some of the coolest people this way!

Get involved: While there will be hundreds of high quality sessions and fabulous learning opportunities at Evaluation 2015, it’s meeting fellow conference-goers that makes the biggest difference to me. It’s how the learning extends far beyond the conference, and for me, the most joyful part of the experience. I hope this becomes true for you as well. Safe travels!

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1 thought on “Sheila B Robinson on Tips for First Time Attendees at Evaluation 2015”

  1. I should add a little plug that if it’s your first time presenting (or even if it’s not) you might want to attend my session on “25 Tips for Better Conference Presentations” on Wednesday, 4:30 pm, Suite 6.

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