Sheila B Robinson on the Olympics – Visualized!

Happy Winter Olympics! I’m Sheila B Robinson, AEA365’s Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor. While evaluation is on my mind  daily, this weekend, like those of many citizens of the world, my thoughts have turned to sports.

No doubt that the Olympics, like any sporting event, interests statisticians but it also generates mounds of fodder for data visualizers…er, visualisationists? At any rate, these creative folks have been hard at work, turning statistical curiosities into veritable works of art over the course of several Olympic games now.

Hot Tip: Learn the history of the Olympics along with fabulous ideas and tips for data visualization in a truly engaging way by studying the many and varied visualizations these creative folks have developed about them.

Rad Resources:

This interactive visualization, courtesy of GE’s Data Visualization blog “highlights 100+ years of world records for summer Olympic events.”

The folks at offer this look at the process of creating a visualization for 112 years of Olympic games.

The Creator’s Project gives us the Data Visualization Sculpture Shows Twitter Reactions To London 2012 Olympic Games.

Yellowfin features an interactive dashboard approach in Dashboard: An evaluation of the modern Olympic Games by nation (Summer Games, 1896 – 2008)

JMP Blog begins with a visualization originally published in the Guardian, and shares the process of transforming it in Data visualization of funding of 2012 Olympics.

Are you ready for Visualizing #Sochi2014? Check out Twitter’s plan for visualizing the millions of tweets expected throughout this winter’s games, announced just yesterday on its blog.

Feel Desain gives us an interactive map of the games in Sochi. You can explore it here.

Analytika Plus “visualizes the torch relay for this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia” using Tableau Public. You can explore it here.

And finally, Dundas Data Visualization give us a great collection of and conversation about current visualizations in Graphing Out Loud vol. 1 Sochi 2014 Olympics – Calendar Visualizations.

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