Sharon Wildman on Evaluation Book Discounts and Exhibitors

My name is Sharon Wildman, I’m a graduate student, and I’m attending Evaluation 2011 this week for the third time. I wanted to share this quick tip for those of you who are new to the conference.

Hot Tip: AEA members receive 20% off on all books ordered directly from Jossey Bass/Wiley, Guilford Publications, SAGE, and Lyceum.  For your usual bookstore books, you likely can do better ordering through Amazon or the like. But when you are talking discipline-specific books, which often can be very expensive and not discounted at the big online retailers, the 20% is a good deal.

Hot Tip: If you are at the conference, you can get the 20% off on lots of the books and pick them up right from the exhibit table at their exhibit so you don’t have to pay shipping. Sometimes the publishers will even ship them for you, for free, if they have run out.

Hot Tip: Take time out to browse the exhibits. You can tell that I like the booksellers, as the conference is the only place to see so many evaluation-related books all in one place. Usually though you can also find demonstrations of survey software and talk with people from major evaluation firms (always good for a check in on possible future employers!).

See you there!

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