Shanelle Boyle on Evaluation Capacity Building

My name is Shanelle Boyle and I am a Research Assistant at EvalCorp Research & Consulting. Evaluation capacity building is not only a major interest of mine, but helping clients learn from and about evaluation is central to my everyday work. I would like to share a couple Websites that I turn to for ideas and resources for enhancing the knowledge and skills of our evaluation clients.

Rad Resource: The Program Development and Evaluation Unit at the University of Wisconsin -Extension (UWEX) employs several evaluation capacity building strategies that enable Cooperative Extension campus and community-based faculty and staff to plan, implement and evaluate high quality educational programs. Their Website offers numerous evaluation tips and tools and is a great model for those interested in using technology to build evaluation capacity.

Rad Resource: Ohio State University Extension also offers an online evaluation learning tool called SAMMIE, which stands for Successful Assessment Methods and Measurement in Evaluation. SAMMIE helps build capacity by providing resources and literature on numerous evaluation topics, through an interactive component in which evaluation questions are answered by an expert in the field, and more.

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