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MME Week: Mika Yamashita on Mixed Methods Evaluation TIG Week

My name is Mika Yamashita, a program chair of the Mixed Methods Evaluation Topical Interest Group (TIG).  The Mixed Methods Evaluation TIG was founded in 2010 to be a space for members to “examine the use of mixed methods evaluation through reflective analysis of philosophy, theory and methodology that is developing in the field of mixed methods” (Petition submitted to AEA in 2010). Evaluation 2012 will be our third year to sponsor sessions.

Mixed Methods Evaluation TIG members who presented at past conferences contributed this week’s posts.  A majority of presentations focused on findings from mixed methods evaluations, analysis of data collection and analysis methods, and strategies used in evaluation teams.  So, posts for this week will cover these topics. On Monday, Tayo Fabusuyi and Tori Hill will highlight the framework used for the evaluation of a minority leadership program. On Tuesday, Leanne Kallemeyn and her colleagues at Loyola University will share lessons learned from and tips for conducting integrated analysis. On Wednesday, Kristy Moster and Jan Matulis will walk us through how their evaluation team members worked to analyze data from multiple sources.  On Thursday, Hongling Sun will share lessons learned from conducting a mixed methods evaluation. Finally, on Friday, Terri Anderson will share her evaluation team’s experience using the National Institute of Health’s guide, Best Practices for Mixed Methods Research in the Health Sciences to understand an unexpected evaluation result

Rad Resources: Listed are resources I found helpful for learning about Mixed Methods Evaluation.

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