Michael Szanyi on Research on Evaluation

Hi! My name is Michael Szanyi. I am a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University.  I’ve been studying what areas practitioners think there needs to be more research on evaluation on, and I’d like to share a rad resource with you.

Rad Resource: Whenever I need inspiration to come up with a research on evaluation idea, I refer to Melvin Mark’s chapter “Building a Better Evidence Base for Evaluation Theory” in Fundamental Issues in Evaluation, edited by Nick Smith and Paul Brandon. I re-read this chapter every time I need to remind myself of what research on evaluation actually is and when I need to get my creative juices flowing.

I think this is a rad resource because:

  • Mark explains why research on evaluation is even necessary, citing both potential benefits and caveats to carrying out research on evaluation.
  • The chapter outlines 4 potential subjects of inquiry (context, activities, consequences, professional issues) that can spark ideas in those categories, subcategories, and entirely different areas all together.
  • The resource also describes 4 potential inquiry modes that you could use to actually carry out whatever ideas begin to emerge.
  • Particularly for my demographic, it helps those in graduate programs come up with potential research and dissertation topics.

Although research on evaluation is a contentious topic in some quarters of the evaluation community, this resource helps to remind me that research on evaluation can be useful. It can help to build a better evidence base upon which to conduct more efficient and effective evaluation practice.

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