Kylie Hutchinson on Adapting Christmas Carols for Evaluation Cheer

My name is Kylie Hutchinson.  I am an independent evaluation consultant and trainer with Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation.  I am also a regular facilitator of the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Essential Skills Series course.

Hot Tip: For the past few years I’ve been adapting Christmas Carols for both evaluators and the not-for-profit sector.  It gives me a chance to connect with clients and colleagues and show the lighter side of the field. This year’s edition is O Little Evaluation Plan.  Enjoy!  For a peek at carols from previous years, check out

O little Evaluation Plan
How (still!) on our desks you lie
Beneath our work, we know you lurk

As days go by and by
And tho’ there is no budget
It’s really black and white

The hopes and fears of our careers
Are put in thee to right

Our little Logic Model
Has more than meets the eye

go in, Outputs go out
go by
Yet in thy Outcomes shineth

The impacts in our sight

Abide with us, and guide for us
The program plans we write

How wondrously, how silently
The Theory of Change is given

Cast out our guesses, minimize the messes
This is how our work is driven,

Some Outcomes are intended
But others we can’t know
So praises sing, to e-mer-ging
And all that they can show

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1 thought on “Kylie Hutchinson on Adapting Christmas Carols for Evaluation Cheer”

  1. Swee-eet! I’ve never heard anyone sing about logic models before. I’m going to share this with some colleagues at work on Thursday. Thanks for brightening up our week!

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