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My name is Katya Petrochenkov and I am a Study Manager with Gatti Evaluation. I work on educational efficacy studies with numerous research participants all over the country, which makes data collection a full time job. Luckily, advances in easily accessible online survey tools have helped to streamline the process.

Rad Resource: After interacting with many different formats, the online survey tool that I have found to be the most useful is Surveygizmo. Several features that have influenced this opinion are the easy-to-use interface, question logic capabilities, variety of reporting options, and excellent customer service.  There are several different pricing options. Surveygizmo will also be launching an updated version in the near future, Survey Gizmo 3.0, which promises to have improved tools for project management, and more advanced reporting features.  http://www.surveygizmo.com

Hot Tip: You can elect to give respondents the option to save their unfinished survey to complete at a later date. Surveygizmo will then email respondents a reminder to complete their unfinished survey. This has helped me to improve response rates for more time consuming surveys.

Hot Tip: For longitudinal data collection, you can set up an automatic export to be sent directly to you via email on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Hot Tip: not sure where to start or just want to see what else you can do with your surveys? Check out the Support section for numerous tips, tutorials, and blog entries related to the product.  http://bit.ly/surveygizmo

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8 thoughts on “Katya Petrochenkov on Surveygizmo”

  1. Hi,

    Nice review there. I just wanted to ask a quick question. I am using esurveyspro at the moment and it is giving me some trouble with the way I want my questions to look like. I was wondering if surveygizmo could help me. what i am trying to do is as follows.
    lets say one question asks people to choose some options from a list of given options. I want the next question to show only the preselected options they chose in the previous question so that they may answer only for the categories that are relevant to them.

    Do you think thats possible. any ideas would be helpful 🙂


  2. You could also give your respondents a personal URL. They would go to something like yoursite.com/mike.jones or yoursite.com/mary.smith and they could fill out the survey right there. This would dramatically increase response rates! There are many personal URL software out there. But I created one that is actually affordable: Purlem.com.

  3. Katya,

    We’re really glad you found SurveyGizmo to meet your needs. Did you happen to meet Mario from SurveyGizmo at the AEA Conference last fall?

    I’d just like to mention to anyone else that might want to take a look at SurveyGizmo, there are free two week trials available. You don’t need a credit card or anything to take a look and we’re always interested to hear what people think of our survey tool.

    Right now SurveyGizmo 3.0 is in a Preview Release. We’re trying to finalize it with feedback from our users both free and paid. So if you’d like to share your thoughts on what you have always wanted in an online evaluation tool please add your voices to the conversation. http://surveygizmo.uservoice.com/forums/38125-surveygizmo-feature-request

    Thanks again for the feedback,


  4. Hi there,

    Thank you for reading the post. I have worked a lot with SurveyMonkey and have tried out Zoomerang and Question Pro as well.

    Survey Monkey has great pricing, but the features were not as advanced. For example, I wanted my respondents to be able to save their survey for later use, but with SurveyMonkey, their IP address would be tracked and no more than one survey could be filled out per computer. A problem with longitudinal data collection.

    With Zoomerang, there just did not seem to be as many complex options, and if I was making a switch, I wanted to have the ability to go a lot more complex.

    While Question Pro is quite comparable and has many complex features, I just preferred the SurveyGizmo interface in the end. I would be interested to hear what others have experienced as users of various online survey programs. I am sure a lot of the preference depend on specific data collection needs.

    Hope this was helpful!

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  6. Hi Katya,

    I’m curious to know what other options you’ve tried and what particularly you didn’t like about them. I’ve tried most out there, but unfortunately, haven’t tried surveygizmo.

    Thanks for the post!

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