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Jyoti Venketraman on Collaborating and Evaluating in Diverse Communities (One Practitioner’s Lessons Learnt)

Hi everyone, I am Jyoti Venketraman, Director Special Initiatives at the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.  I was hesitant to initially blog as I don’t consider myself an expert. But my awesome colleague Liz Zadnik , aea365 Outreach Coordinator and a recent blog post by Shiela B Robinson, aea365’s Lead Curator made me realize I don’t have to be an expert to contribute and can share my individual lessons learnt! So in that spirit, a project that I am undertaking currently involves collaborating with diverse communities. Evaluation plays a major role as it helps us answer two important questions: Are we making a difference? Are we good stewards of the resources we are using?  Below are a few crumbs of knowledge I have learnt in my evaluation journey so far.

Lesson Learned: Communities and individuals value different things from a project or intervention.  I learnt this early in my career as an evaluation newbie.  I find that when evaluation tools factor in differing stakeholder perceptions on what constitutes a “success,” you get a more holistic picture of what the actual impact of a specific project is within that community. This may run counter to stated project objectives but with well-planned and thoughtful stakeholder involvement, you can ensure you capture differing perceptions of “success.”

Lesson Learned: History matters. Historical context, historical trauma, and the trajectory of development a community takes can all be critical variables. Some community members may be more aware of it than others.  I have learnt that as evaluators we have to be open and intentional in affirming and acknowledging this in our practice.

Lesson Learned: Be open to a variety of data collection methods.  One of the reasons I like story telling is because it accommodates diverse views, provides a richer context and gives a window into how communities view the “success or impact “of a specific project.

Rad Resource: Many of my resources come from this blog or from what I have collected in my journey so far. On cultural humility I like Cultural Humility: People, Principles & Practices by Vivian Chavez (2012)

Rad Resource: On context in evaluation I like Participatory research for sustainable livelihoods from International Institute for Sustainable Development

Rad Resource: On storytelling I like CDC’s resource on Telling Your Program’s story, The California Endowment‘s resource on Storytelling Approaches to Program Evaluation and the Center for Digital Storytelling .

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