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Jolene VillaLobos on Vimeo and Inspiration for Data Visualization

I’m Jolene VillaLobos and I work as a part-time program director/part-time evaluator for a mid-size nonprofit. We’ve recently been exploring the use of video which has meant that I’ve been exploring tools to help in that quest.

Hot Tip: Vimeo is a free video hosting service. It hosts videos, just as YouTube hosts videos, but can accommodate longer format content. They also have a paid option for $60/year that expands the storage space allocated to a user as well as ads some functionality, but for most groups the basic free account will suffice. It is for nonprofit use only.

Lesson Learned: Vimeo has channels. Channels are where you can host a set of videos that all may be viewed in a single destination. If Vimeo is like a huge library, a channel is like a library shelf with just the content that the person who set up the channel wants to put there. All of the videos on a channel have to be hosted on Vimeo, and they all can be from the channel’s curator or they can be drawn from the full Vimeo collection. There are over 180,000 channels and you can search the channels to find those of interest to you.

Rad Resource: My favorite Vimeo channel is datavisualization.ch. This channel is full of great videos that provide examples of data visualizations, how to do data visualization, interviews with leaders in the DV arena, etc.

Hot Tip: You can subscribe to a channel – there is always  a subscribe button on the page – and you will receive notices when new videos are added to any channel to which you subscribe.

Rad Resources: Here are two of my favorites:

Take a look – what’s your favorite? Add it to the comments below – I haven’t had a chance to check out all of the great videos offered here.

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