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John LaVelle on time management

My name is John LaVelle, and I am an advanced graduate student at Claremont Graduate University.  An interest (and need) of mine is time management, since it’s so easy to let the day slip away.  I’ll be sharing two resources on more effective time management.

Rad Resource: When you’re getting started in evaluation, it’s easy to forget how much time you spend on your project, and that information can be very valuable later on for when you’re estimating costs for future projects.  So, I use a free program for the Apple called iClockr to help me keep track of my time investments.  iClockr is available at: www.apple.com, or through this direct link: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/productivity_tools/iclockr.html

Rad Resource: It’s sometimes easy to get wrapped up in a project and forget about the time.  I use a free dashboard app for Apple called Prod Me, which plays chimes or other sounds at regular intervals to help me be more mindful of the time.  ProdMe is available at: www.apple.com or through this direct link: http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/status/prodme.html

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3 thoughts on “John LaVelle on time management”

  1. Hi John!
    I believe that time management is huge in every aspect of life, especially when it comes to things that matter such as college course work and your job. Time management was something that I struggled with my very first semester of college, but quickly made adjustments to make my time better. I’ve always said that yes college is difficult, but with great time management it is very doable. I’ve also used apps and programs as well as schedules to help manage my time better. I struggled with procrastination and not allotting enough time for everything I needed to complete within a week or a day. Everyone could probably use better time management strategies in their daily lives whether it be managing time with their spouse, kids, work, friends, cooking dinner or even self-care.

  2. Hi Jara, that’s a good question! I found a couple when I went to http://www.download.com, but I have to mention that I haven’t tested them out.

    Time tracker 2.5 works on PCs, and it seems to do the same things as iClockr. It’s free to try, but then you have to buy it. I’ll keep looking for a free one.

    For the chimes, there’s a free program called DS Clock 2.4, and it’s nice because it synchs itself with an atomic clock.

    Does anyone else have a program they use?

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