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ICCE TIG Week: EvalSDGs Insights – A Treasure Trove of Rad Resources by Scott Chaplowe

Photo of the author, Scott Chaplowe, and the Eval SDGs logo

Hola. My name is Scott Chaplowe and I’ve been a member of the AEA since 2002, currently serve on AEA’s International Working Group (IWG), the Board of  the International Evaluation Academy (IEA), and am a committed EvalSDGs member (serving as its representative in AEA’s IWG). 

This post is about a suite of Rad Resources from EvalSDGs. EvalSDGs is one of five EvalNetworks in EvalPartners, (the others being EvalGender+, EvalYouth, EvalIndigenous, and the Global Parliamentarian Forum for Evaluation). It is an open collaborative initiative that focuses on promoting and enhancing evaluation practices for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It aims to strengthen evaluation capacities worldwide, bringing together various stakeholders, including evaluation associations, organizations, and individuals, to foster knowledge sharing, capacity building, and advocacy for evaluation within the context of sustainable development.

Rad Resources 

Over the years, EvalSDGs’ Guidance Group has curated an outstanding suite of learning briefs called Evaluation Insights. I should know because I have collaborated with them editing and authoring Insight publications and have been inspired by their remarkable dedication and attention to detail to deliver a valuable collection of resources for evaluation capacity development.

The Table below provides a snapshot of the Insight series to date. They are all publicly available online to download –  I’ve hyperlinked each Insight topic in the table, or you can go directly to EvalSDGs’ designated Insight webpage where all issues can be accessed.

Each Insight is succinct, usually between two to six pages, and chock full with additional rad resources.  Although the Insights have an international focus, which aligns well with this week’s ICCE-themed AEA365 posts, many of the Insights are as relevant for “domestic” evaluation as international evaluation. Take, for example, Insight #4, which explores integrating environmental sustainability in evaluation – an equally valuable topic for evaluation locally as well as globally.

0. EVALSDGs INSIGHT Series – The SDGs Summary

1. Evaluating the Complexity of the 17 SDGs

2. Multi-Stakeholder/Joint Initiatives for Evaluation and The SDGs: Lessons Learned

3. SDGs Implementation Landscape: VOPES And Networks

4. The SDGs and Evaluation of Training Events: Adaptation of the Kirkpatrick Model

5. Sustainable Development Goals: The Basics

6. 2030 Towards a More Structured UN Approach to National Evaluation Capacity Development

7. Impact Stories and the SDGs

8. Evaluating the SDGs: Challenges and the Potential of Big Data
9. Using Big Data to Strengthen the Evaluation of the SDGs

10. Transforming M&E for Achieving the SDGs

11. Participatory Evaluation as an approach to evaluating the implementation of Agenda 2030: The Case of Finland

12. Nigeria’s Experience of Country-Led Evaluation of SDGs 3 & 4

13. Evaluation Challenges with the SDGs – Redesigning Measurement Indicators and Evaluation Systems

14. Mainstreaming Environmental Sustainability
in Evaluation

15. Including persons with disabilities in planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the SDGs

16. Monitoring Inequality and Inequality Reduction Policies – A New Indicator for SDG 10: Indicator 10.4.2

Lastly, I should point out that EvalSDGs is a rad resource itself. In addition to its successful Insights series, there are also Policy Briefing Papers jointly published with the International Institute for Environment and DevelopmentCountry Spotlights that provides a platform for learning, sharing and exchanging between countries; featured Guidebooks; and currently 18 recorded Webinars on various topics.

Hot Tip

I encourage you to check out EvalSDGs Insight series, as well as its other resources, and consider joining EvalSDGs if you are interested in engaging in a vibrant and relevant international community of practice focused on international development evaluation.

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2 thoughts on “ICCE TIG Week: EvalSDGs Insights – A Treasure Trove of Rad Resources by Scott Chaplowe”

  1. isha Wedasinghe Miranda

    Dear Scott,
    Thank you Thank you so much. its’a great appreciation for EvalGG group the work they have done. My sincerely gratefulness to you , opening eyes on this great work to the world.

  2. Samandar Mahmodi

    Dear Scott, I really enjoyed reading your blog summarizing the great work of the EVALSDGs insights. Very insightful! thank you.

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