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Health Evaluation TIG Week: Virtual Office Work Hacks by Michael Greenberg

Hi everyone. My name is Michael Greenberg, and I am a Manager at Deloitte Consulting, LLC.  My work focuses on public health research and evaluation and my clients include federal, state, and non-profit agencies seeking to improve the health and well-being of the communities and audiences they serve. I have been doing this work for about 15 years now and while I have garnered a tremendous amount of experience designing and implementing evaluations, conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses, and gathering input from a diverse array of stakeholders, I have a few basic “work hacks” I’d like to share with you.

Hot Tips:

Hot Tip #1: “Dang it. I know John sent me an email with that data file from a few weeks ago, but now it’s buried in my email.” Did you know you can type “from:person has:attachment” in your e-mail provider’s search bar and quickly filter your inbox to only messages from a certain sender that include attachments?

Whenever I kickoff a new project, I always share this trick with my teams and am always surprised at how few people know of it. I use this feature almost daily and imagine others may find it useful too.

Hot Tip #2: “Shoot. That website had great information on it, but I closed the tab and forgot where it was.” Whenever you close a tab and wished you hadn’t, simply press “ctrl + shift + t” and you can reopen the last tab(s) you closed.

Hot Tip #3: “Crud. I have 40+ resources I need to correctly cite, and this bibliography is due tomorrow.” I remember some of the dreariest parts of graduate school involving lots of time and agony spent trying to get citations into the correct style and format. Now, Google Scholar makes this incredibly easy. Just plug in your article’s title and click the “”Cite” icon to see a number of different citation formats. Then, just copy and paste that into your bibliography.

What other works hacks do you use on a regular basis that you’ve found to be huge time savers or drivers of efficiency? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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1 thought on “Health Evaluation TIG Week: <strong>Virtual Office Work Hacks by Michael Greenberg</strong>”

  1. So helpful! I especially like the Google scholar.

    My “hack” that maybe everyone already knows is to create sub-tabs or labels so store important emails. They are all under the parent label of my company and correspond to each client/project. I really like to keep my Inbox tidy so I find it satisfying to move emails to their “homes”.

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