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Daniel Brandão on Using FRAMES with Youth

My name is Daniel Brandão and I am an evaluator from Brazil. I work at Instituto Fonte as a consultant and we have a participatory approach to evaluation. I used to work with evaluation of programs focused in youngsters under social exclusion situations where methods oriented by arts were very useful. In 2007 to face the challenge of creating a good environment to have in-depth conversations with youngsters in conflict with the law we developed the FRAMES Method. Inspired by comics, FRAMES is a set of 27 drawings used to trigger dialogues with these youngsters.

Rad resource: You can get the complete set of drawings at: We didn’t produce any article or so about FRAMES. But it is in our 2010 to-do list! A good resource about arts based research practice is the book “When Method Meets Art” (Levy, P. Guilford Press)


  • Can be adjusted for multiple possibilities of applications.
  • Can be used in evaluations or as an educational tool.
  • Can be applied Individually or with groups.
  • With both genders
  • With youngsters over 12 year old
  • Used by psychologists, social service assistants, non formal educators, social scientists and others.
  • Application time lasted from 20 minutes to 5 hours.

The linked document is written in Portugese, but here’s a link to an online translation program:


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  • Patty Emord · April 23, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Thank you for this post. I looked at your pictures and thought they might be useful with some of the programs I work with, however, I had difficulty using the translator. Any tips on that?


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