Dan McDonnell on Setting Up Your New Twitter Profile Page

Hello, my name is Dan McDonnell and I am a Community Manager for the American Evaluation Association. My last couple of posts have been focused around evaluating Tweets and sharing useful Twitter tools for evaluators. In my last post, we previewed what some upcoming changes to Twitter would open up in the way of features and design. Now that these changes are live, I’ll walk you through how to enable the new and improved profile page. To get started, visit this page and look for the “Get It Now” button. When you’re ready, click and you’ll be directed back to your brand new page, which should look something like this:

New Twitter Profile Design
What your new Twitter page might look like.

There’s a couple of things you’ll immediately notice:

  • The design of your page looks quite different.
  • There are new options for filtering.
  • Some Tweets appear larger than others.
  • You can now pin a Tweet.

I’ll walk through these one by one.

Rad Resource: New Design Options

The new dimensions for Twitter cover photos are 1500 pixels x 500 pixels. Grab a photo at this resolution and use the edit option to upload it to your profile. Twitter background images have gone the way of the dodo, however, so if you had one in place note that it will no longer appear on your page.

Rad Resource: Filtering Tweets 

New filtering options appear along the top of your Tweet stream now, including the ability to view tweets that include photos or videos separate, and a full list of any tweet that you’ve favorited – making it much more accessible than it once was (you had to scroll down along the sidebar to find this option).

Rad Resource: Tweet Displays

Where previously you may have had to click ‘expand’ to view photos and videos attached to a Tweet, now Twitter automatically expands them in your stream. Tweets that were favorited or retweeted also get this treatment, allowing your popular Tweets to ‘pop’ out a bit more.

Rad Resource: Pin A Tweet

To pin your favorite Tweet to the top of your stream, click the ellipsis icon under the tweet and select ‘Pin to Your Profile Page.’ It’s as easy as that, and great way to direct visitors to favorite resource or webpage.

Pin Your Tweet
Select Pin to your profile page to Pin a Tweet.


What a Pinned Tweet Looks Like.
What a Pinned Tweet looks like.

Have you enabled your new page yet? What do you think?

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Dan McDonnell is a regular Saturday contributor to AEA365, where he blogs on social media-related topics for evaluators. You can reach Dan on Twitter at@Dan_McD.

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