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An Evaluator’s Guide to the Holidays by Chris Lysy

Hello everybody!  My name is Chris Lysy, and I’m a freelance information designer and a creative reporting workshop facilitator (diydatadesign.com).  I also blog and cartoon about evaluation and design at freshspectrum.com.

It’s Christmastime in our household, so that means it’s time to switch from the unending string of professional Zoom calls to the somewhat smaller stream of extended family Facetime calls.

Zoom around the North Pole

But just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean we get to take off our evaluator hats.  I’ve come to believe that no matter what I call myself professionally (information designer, web designer, data analyst, President and CEO, solopreneur), I will always be an evaluator on the inside. 

It’s more a way of life than a profession. A path that likely began far before you even heard of the profession.

Santa Satisfaction Survey

The trick is to not annoy too many of your family and friends with your evaluator-ness.  Like perhaps when you notice a significant other not following a recipe with fidelity, just let it go.

Cookie Recipe Fidelity

But there are certainly times when you can really embrace your evaluation side.  For instance, maybe your extended family drives you a little crazy.  Take back your holiday with the support of a nice new theory of change.

Happy Christmas Theory of Change

Of course, this post is showing up in your email inbox a little late for this winter holiday season.  Christmas is here. Kwanzaa and New Year’s will be here shortly. The Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Diwali have already come and gone.

Hopefully some of you were on the ball and have already administered your holiday pretests. How else are you going to be able to accurately identify any measurable increase in holiday cheer?

Holiday Pretest

Rad Resource:

freshspectrum on Patreon

Did you know that over the years I’ve drawn hundreds of evaluation related cartoons? I even have two other Christmas cartoon posts up on my blog published over the last month (2021 Holiday Cartoons & the Never Released 2020 Cartoons).

I don’t even mind if you use any of my cartoons on your websites or in your presentations.  In fact, I encourage it.

So you “can” just google evaluation cartoons, or just cruise around my freshspectrum site searching.  OR, if you really want to get ALL of my cartoons, check out my Patreon page. Even at the most basic level you get access to a dropbox cartoon where I put everything I draw.

Quick Tip:

Have a Happy Holiday!

In all seriousness, I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday season. And a super awesome (please let it be better than 2020 & 2021) New Year!

And if you like any of these cartoons, let me know your favorite in the comments.

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