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Alexey Kuzmin on Humor for Evaluation Reporting

My name is Alexey Kuzmin and I am the President of the Process Consulting Company (www.processconsulting.ru) based in Moscow, Russia. As an international evaluation consultant I am interested in exploring new and effective ways of communicating evaluation results to the interested parties. In particular, I often use cartoons. Especially when there is a need to communicate bad news: humor helps.

Rad Resource: Cartoon Resource. This website presents dozens of cartoons for publishing, presentation and promotion. It has a convenient search system that allows you to find cartoons by topic. For instance, there are quite a few consulting cartoons. http://www.cartoonresource.com/consulting_1.htm

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8 thoughts on “Alexey Kuzmin on Humor for Evaluation Reporting”

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  2. Final update, I hope. They seem to be a quite small company. They note “We are in the process of putting more cost language on the site because we have realized
    that people want to download cartoons immediately. Any purchase of 2 or more cartoons is $10 per. At 5 cartoons
    or more, the cost per cartoon drops to $8 per.” And to get the discounted price, you send an email to them telling them which ones you want and then they’ll send you the cartoons and an invoice.

  3. Thanks David! I’ve sent another correspondence to the company in hopes of clarification. I did as you note and tried a number of them and they are indeed all coming through as $50/$60 in the cart. Will figure it out yet!

  4. To get the price
    – Click on a cartoon in which you are interested and it opened, enlarged, showing the cartoon ID code number.
    – On the right of the cartoon is a box ‘Want to use this cartoon in a presentation? Click here to buy usage rights.’ ‘Want to use this cartoon in a magazine or newsletter? Click here to buy usage rights.’
    – Click on yr choice, enter the cartoon ID code, click on ‘Add to cart’ and it tell you how much to pay, via PayPal.

    Perhaps the two cartoons I tried it with cost more than others that they had in mind when advising that the costs are $10 and $15? Like you, I’d be happy to pay $10/$15 but would baulk at $50/$60.

    Cheers – David

  5. David, where did you find the cost info on their site? Can you post the URL so we can see any pricing info? I tried and couldn’t find it. When I wrote them, their terse response noted that the cost for black and white cartoons is $10 for presentations and $15 for newsletters. Still means paying, but a bit more in my price range than the $50.

  6. Yes, I took a look at the site Alexey mentioned, and note that the cartoons cost $50 each to use in a presentation and $60 in a print format publication. I’m all for remunerating copyright holders but those prices seem a bit steep. On that basis, it will be interesting to see what response we get to Susan’s queries about free cartoons.

  7. Great resource Alexey, thank you! I wish we all laughed a little more.

    One of my favorite cartoon series xkcd, in part because they use creative commons licensing and thus allow them to be modified with attribution.

    We updated two to make them specific to evaluation for the AEA newsletter – one on correlation and causation

    http://bit.ly/evalcorrelation in the AEA eLibrary

    and one on evaluators, significance, and dating relationships

    http://bit.ly/evalsignificance in the AEA eLibrary

    Does anyone else know of evaluation-specific cartoons (Patton has some great ones in his books)? Anyone a great cartoonist who would like to try her or his hand for the newsletter?

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