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TRE TIG Week: Cross-TIG Panels at AEA’s Annual Conference by Kristi Pettibone

Hello! My name is Kristi Pettibone. I’m an evaluator at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences and I’m the Program Chair for the Translational Research Evaluation (TRE) Topical Interest Group (TIG). Translational research evaluation is focused on the idea of evaluating the progress of research through the translational research process – which typically includes moving from the basic research, through applied research, and on to some form of impact on a population – which might be a clinical treatment, a policy, a public health intervention or an economic impact.

One of my goals for this year has been to encourage cross-TIG panel sessions and presentations during Evaluation 2017, AEA’s Annual Conference. The TRE TIG is a smaller TIG and one way we can engage with more people is to identify other TIGs that share evaluation methodologies and topics with us.

Hot Tip: To set up cross-TIG panels, start early and reach out to the TIG chair and program chair to gauge interest and talk about potential ideas. You can also use the upcoming conference to make connections with people in other TIGs. We reached out via email to program chairs from TIGs with shared interests and scheduled a conference call in January to enable participants to brainstorm ideas.

Hot Tip: Make sure to coordinate with the program chair of the TIGs with whom you are co-sponsoring sessions because each TIG needs to list the other for the co-sponsorship to be reflected in the online program.

TIGs provide opportunities to group ourselves by field, by topic, by methodology, by identity, and much more. The evaluators in the Translational Research Evaluation TIG use a wide variety of evaluation methods to understand and assess the evolution of ideas through the research process. Creating cross-TIG panels is one way to bring people together during the AEA Annual Meeting who are using these common methodologies.

Below are cross-TIG panels we organized for Evaluation 2017 to ensure that we get as much exposure as possible to members of other TIGs.

Rad Resource: Check out the online program for AEA’s Annual Conference – Evaluation 2017: From Learning to Action. You can search for sessions by TIG by filtering on the Track option.

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