Sara Vaca on My 3 most Remarkable Moments About Evaluation

Greetings! I’m Sara Vaca (@visualbrains), independent consultant at and Creative Advisor of this blog.

Evaluators are very interesting people, whose experiences are as worth exploring as the people we work with. So I had this idea: wouldn’t it be great to know the top 3 stories/moments that most influenced each evaluator?

I think it would be very inspiring… And I’m in no way the most interesting evaluator I know, but to get this started, these are my 3 most remarkable moments that influenced my career as an evaluator:

  1. When I was not yet involved in -only interested- in the professional field of Evaluation, I randomly ran into Patricia Rogers on twitter and I decided to go through the people she was following. When I finished going through the 400+ long list of organizations and people she was following, one hour later, I had lost track of time or space and I had the amazing feeling of being back from planet “Evaluation.”
  2. Later within my M.A. in evaluation, I had as assignment to read “The SAGE Handbook of Evaluation” (Shaw, Greene & Mark) where Eleanor Chelimsky recalled the 8 year process of evaluating U.S. military nuclear triad policy. Wow, I thought. If you can evaluate this, you can evaluate “anything.”
  3. Finally, last year during the European Evaluation Society (EES) conference in Dublin, I had the honor of having dinner one night with lovely Lovely Dhillon. Engaging with everybody as she usually does, we were having a great time with the kindest Irish staff. At some point, they left our table and she turned to me with excitement and said: “People are my favorite!!!” The sentence made us laugh for a while…, but again, wow, I thought: if that is not evaluation, what is?

And I think these would be my three most remarkable experiences.

Picture from fotoactionphotography
Picture from fotoactionphotography

If you liked the idea, please think of your 3 stories and you are willing to share them, please send them ( Depending on how many people are in, we will do a thematic week with them. Or make it a regular post for some time… Or we could even gather them into an eBook and share it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Sara Vaca on My 3 most Remarkable Moments About Evaluation”

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  2. Sara, this really touched my heart. Loved all three….the Irish encounter was wonderful but could clarify how it spoke to you of evaluation? Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.

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