Writing Effectively for Facebook by Jayne Corso

Hi my name is Jayne Corso and I am the Community Manager for AEA. I often use Facebook to connect with AEA members and the evaluation community. The platform makes it easy to share relevant articles, videos, and thoughts with your followers. I have put together a few tips to help you write more effectively for Facebook.

Hot Tip: Keep posts short

Facebook newsfeeds can often become cluttered with content. Most people tend to skim through posts quickly and won’t read long winded posts. This is why you should keep your message short and to the point. I would recommend not exceeding 200 characters.

Hot Tip: Clearly communicate your purpose

When posting on Facebook, we are often asking our followers to do something, whether it’s to look at an article or register for your event. Make sure your call to action is clear. Use key phrases like “Read this article”, “Share with your friends”, or “Use the link to register”. Sometimes your followers need that extra push.

Hot Tip: Make your links compelling

When posting a link to an article on your Facebook page, make sure the link has a compelling photo and interesting title. These are editable fields, meaning you can customize how your link appears. Sometimes links can pull titles and pictures that are not relevant to your content.

Hot Tip: Be conversational

Facebook is intended to be a fun way to interact with your friends or like-minded peers. Keep posts conversational and not overly formal. This is your opportunity to show your personality and the persona of your organization.

I look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook! Click here to like the AEA Facebook page.

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  1. I believe that Facebook is a great platform to effectively communicate our business, but there must be a strategy behind, such as how to respond to customer complaints properly and without leaving a negative image of the company.

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