Why It’s Important to Post Frequently on Social Media by Jayne Corso

Hello, my name is Jayne Corso and I am the community manager for the American Evaluation Association. 

Many turn to social media to promote their services or expertise. Although the sites are a free resource, you do have to dedicate time to and energy into creating relevant content on a regular basis. I have listed just a few reasons why it is important to frequently post on social media.

Hot Tip: Keep Your Followers Informed

Social media is one of the best platforms for creating connections and increasing awareness of your services or expertise. However, many small companies or organizations misuse this tool because they maybe post once or twice a month, post six times a quarter, and in total share 15 posts a year. This is not enough for your content to stay relevant with your followers. To keep your followers engaged and build relationships, you should be continuously having social conversations.

A posting schedule is unique for each organization. Some organizations will have the resources and content to post multiple times a day, while others will have the resources to post 1-2 times a week. Find the right balance that matches with your content and staff resources. Once you start posting on a routine schedule, your post’s reach and impressions will increase.

Hot Tip: Stay Relevant in Important Conversations

Social media is not only a great tool for getting your message across, it can also help you participate in important conversations that are taking place online. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn serve as great listening tools. Use these platforms to find relevant news and industry trends that are being used by others. You can than share these resources with your followers.

Sharing content is also a great way to fill in the gaps of your content calendar, especially during your slow season when you don’t have as much news to share.

Hot Tip: Posting Improves Search Engine Optimism

Posting regularly on social media helps with your social page’s SEO. Google’s algorithms favors sites that are updated frequently, and the same goes for social media pages. Posting on a regular schedule will increase your social page’s search ranking, resulting in increased traffic to your social page.

Get busy posting!

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1 thought on “Why It’s Important to Post Frequently on Social Media by Jayne Corso”

  1. Sharan Dhaliwal

    Hi Jayne,

    Thank you for sharing those great tips. I read your post prior to this one as well about “Creating a Social Media Content Calendar”. I became interested in your posts because 1. I use social media all the time and see this strategy being used 2. I eventually want to start my own business and need all the tips and tricks for marketing my product.

    Social media is a way to evaluate the success of a program that is launched or a product or service being offered. The more active you are on social media the more followers and attention your page will gain. I evaluate a page based on the number of posts it has, number of followers and likes the content has. I am going to be more likely to go towards a company with more posts compared to an account that only posts once every couple of weeks. Users want to see new and fresh content and updating social media accounts frequently helps.

    I like how you emphasis that is it important to establish a routine with posting on social media. Sometimes I feel there are pages that tend to over post material and people do not want to see that either. There needs to be a good balance of this.

    As mentioned in your previous article it is also important to post about relevant things that others are doing. People will see that this company supports others and will further support your page. Which is all part of evaluation when people decide if they want to use a certain product or service.

    My food for thought question: If social media shut down and we not longer had access to it, what would happen to small businesses who only use social media as a marketing platform? (Aka social media is the only way the business is running)


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