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We are Dayna Albert (Project Coordinator) and Rochelle Zorzi (Editorial Board Co-chair) of the Evaluation Stories Project, an EvalPartners Innovation Challenge recipient. Our project will soon launch an International Call for Evaluation Stories. The purpose is to:

  • Identify and share stories of evaluations that have made a difference
  • Increase the demand for and use of evaluation

Minimal literature exists on the benefits or impacts of evaluation use, particularly from the perspective of evaluation users. Furthermore, most evaluation literature is very academic. Our project will employ a story-telling format in order to better communicate the benefits of evaluation use to evaluation users.

As an international project, one of our challenges is to reach a multilingual audience despite limited translation resources. A second challenge is to explain what we mean by evaluation impact – a concept that turns evaluative thinking on its head and tends to be misconstrued.

Lessons Learned: Anticipate that people may have difficulty ‘getting’ a new concept. Words alone can be inadequate and ambiguous.

Use story to explain new concepts. Here is a story that Chris Lysy helped us develop to explain the concept of evaluation impacts.

(Click here to see the video!)image005


Hot Tip:

–        Follow-up with clients after an evaluation to reflect on and track evaluation impacts.

–        Act now! The Call for Evaluation Stories is a great opportunity to reconnect with a client and explore their interest in participating in the Call for Evaluation Stories


Rad Resource:

–        To reach a multilingual online audience, add Google’s Website Translate plug-in to your website. Albeit imperfect, it provides a free and virtually instantaneous website translation.

–        To translate a blog, paste the following code into a text widget. Insert your blog’s URL where indicated. The code is written for English (en) to French (fr) translation. For English to Spanish translation, replace ‘fr’ with ‘sp’ and ‘français’ with ‘español’.

<a href=”//;hl=fr&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;sl=en&amp;tl=fr”” title=””français“”><img src=”http://yourblogURL /2010/02/icons-flag-gb.png” alt=”français” /></a>

Get Involved:

Rad Resources: See these posts for additional information on evaluation stories:

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