Susan Kistler on the eLibrary and Headlines List

My name is Susan Kistler, I am AEA’s Executive Director, and by the time you read this I will be en route to San Antonio for Evaluation 2010!

Hot Tip: Keep an eye on AEA’s online eLibrary. It will expand considerably over the next 30 days or so as conference speakers upload materials, handouts, and examples. The eLibrary is open to the public and currently houses over 500 contributions.

Recent additions include:

  • Fostering and Measuring Nonprofit Networks to Inform Grantmakers – presentation slides from Patricia Zerounian
  • A great handout from the AEA Values Priority Area Team that aggregates information about all of the sessions at Evaluation 2010 with an ethics focus
  • Beyond Fidelity: Evaluating the Implementation of Evidence-based Practices – presentations handouts from Miles McNall
  • Professional Development Workshop handouts from David Fetterman (Empowerment Evaluation), John McLaughlin (Evaluation 101), and Jack Barnette (Effect Size and Measures of Association)

Hot Tip: Subscribe to AEA’s headlines compilation to stay up to date on happenings and resources in the field. We’ll be sharing some of the best from the AEA conference as well as a host of other materials. Throughout each week, we add to our headlines and resources list. The list includes links to funding opportunities, key blog posts, legislative initiatives, and a host of resources. You can check it out any time online, subscribe in real time or weekly via RSS, or sign up to receive a single email each Sunday with the week’s posts. The Sunday compilation is also posted on AEA’s public discussion list, EVALTALK.

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