Susan Kistler on Linking in to LinkedIn

I am Susan Kistler, the American Evaluation Association’s Executive Director Emeritus and aea365’s regular Saturday contributor.

Rad Resource –  American Evaluation Association’s LinkedIn Group: AEA’s LinkedIn group is open to members and nonmembers alike from around the world and currently welcomes over 11,000 colleagues to the community exchange.


Lessons Learned – What is LinkedIn: At its most basic level, LinkedIn is a website dedicated to bringing together those with a common interest into groups for discussion and networking. Joining is free and there are thousands of “groups” within LinkedIn, AEA’s being only one. Once you have set up a free LinkedIn account, you may then join up to fifty groups. Here are just a few that may be of interest to evaluators:

Lessons Learned – What types of things are discussed on LinkedIn: LinkedIn discussions are threaded, meaning that a discussion stays together and may be contributed to over the course of many days or even weeks or months. Here are a couple of recent discussions on AEA’s LinkedIn Group (feel free to join in and add to the exchange):

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1 thought on “Susan Kistler on Linking in to LinkedIn”

  1. Chris Knickerbocker

    We actually are looking for others who use Linked In as a data source. We want to use it as a secondary data source when determining the career pathways of our most recent graduates. We do survey them and have an extensive plan for getting a good response rate, and we believe that data from Linked In may be a good source of information for survey nonrespondents. We have developed a draft protocol for how to search for info on our most recent graduates, and would love to know if others are doing something similar with LinkedIn or other social media sources.

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