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Susan Kistler on Convening in Anaheim

I’m Susan Kistler, the Executive Director for the American Evaluation Association. Today, I’m writing from Anaheim, California, site of AEA’s 2011 annual conference and location of our winter Board meeting. We’ll be convening the week of October 31 through November 6.  I’m doing a little recon, and here’s what we’ve found so far:

Hot Tip – ART: Once in Anaheim, you can easily walk the Anaheim Garden Walk or a bit farther to Downtown Disney, but to make life a little easier on the feet, purchase an Anaheim Resort Transit pass. The transit pass is $4 for a day, $10 for 3 days or $16 for 5 days and gives you unlimited rides all over the area. There’s a stop right outside our headquarters hotel at the Hilton Anaheim (our conference room block will open in later this winter).

Hot Tip – Food Court: How often are you in a hurry or trying to find an affordable meal at a conference hotel? The Hilton Anaheim has a stealth food court. I’m not kidding. You’ll easily find the Starbucks in the lobby, but take a left inside the main door, go down a very short hall, and you’ll find four food-court restaurants, one grill, one pizza, one Mexican, and one for subs.

Hot Tip – Airport Shuttle: SuperShuttle is located outside baggage claim. You do have to share a ride, but it’s only $10, a far cry from the $40+ for a taxi.

Hot Tip – Disney: The Hilton Anaheim is within walking distance to Disney Land – about 20 minutes by foot.  Or take a short cab or your ART pass shuttle will drop you right at the gate. Saturday evening is a great option. We’ll be done by 5:30 and the park is usually open to 11:00 pm or midnight. We’ll know more as the dates draw closer and they finalize hours.

Hot Tip – Stay through Saturday: President Jennifer Greene and her Presidential Strand Team are planning a great closing plenary. Afterwards, you’ll have time to get out with colleagues for dinner, see Disney, or shop. And, on Sundays, there will be final set of workshops.

See you in Anaheim!



  • Patricia Rogers · January 31, 2011 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Susan. The SuperShuttle is $16 to LAX, which is even better value than a taxi, and I found them quick and reliable.


  • Author comment by Marcus · January 29, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Great tips, Susan!


  • Mohamad Hasan Mohaqeq Moein · January 29, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Ok I understand what is value and valuing. Thank you.


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