Siobhan Cooney on Top 5 Podcasts for Evaluators

Hello! I’m Siobhan Cooney, Principal Consultant of Cooney Collaborative and avid podcast listener.

Once I transitioned into consulting and started working at home, podcasts became a “go-to” form of professional development. With podcasts, I can learn while taking care of mundane household tasks and carting my kids to and from school. Here I highlight my “Top Five” podcasts for evaluators.

Rad Resources:

  1. Consulting Success. This podcast, with a near constant focus on developing new business, is best suited for independent evaluators and for-profit firms. One of my favorite interviews is with Rochelle Moulton in which she discusses attracting clients on Twitter.
  2. Data Stories. Currently boasting 71 episodes, the Data Stories podcast is a great resource for evaluators with a keen interest in data science, data journalism, data visualization and analytics. These podcasts do not constitute DataViz 101 and assume a certain level of pre-existing knowledge. To get started, try episode #3, How Do You Evaluate Visualization?
  3. HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review is amazing for its easily digestible and practical information on management, leadership, working in teams and virtually every “soft skill” an evaluator can bring to relationships with clients and coworkers.
  4. The Stanford Social Innovation Review website offers 4 podcasts billed as “audio talks from leaders of social change,” which feature Hallie Preskill, Lisbeth Schorr and Lucy Berholz, among others. These talks tend to be longer than your average podcast and are probably best for long car rides (and half-marathons).
  5. Adventures in Evaluation with James Coyle and Kylie Hutchinson is sadly no longer in production, but for the 35 episodes it ran, it covered the full gamut of evaluation-relevant topics from facilitation to mobile data collection to evaluation rubrics to effect sizes.

Hot Tip: Did I miss any of your favorite podcasts for evaluators? Leave them in the “comments” section below or tweet them to @Siobhan_eval.

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14 thoughts on “Siobhan Cooney on Top 5 Podcasts for Evaluators”

  1. Thank you for this great list! I agree with Elizabeth’s additional suggestions. The Rad Presenters podcast ( also great, and run by two evaluation folks.

  2. Nick Visscher

    Loved Adventures in Evaluation, sad it’s no longer running!. Been listening to the Rad Presenters Podcast. That’s another good one!

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