Sheila B Robinson on Being an “Iconic” Presenter! ;-)

Hello! It’s Sheila B Robinson, aea365 Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor with a fabulous and  free sign tool for polishing your presentations!

Great presentations are complemented by great visuals. Using icons on your slides are one way to organize information visually, and direct your audience’s attention to the topic at hand.

There is no shortage of help out there for downloading and even creating your own icons for use in presentations. Want some ideas? Check out Stephanie Evergreen’s blog. Just type “icon” in the search box there and you’ll have the opportunity to read several posts about using and creating icons. In fact, it was Stephanie who turned me on to, my new favorite free tool!


Lesson Learned: I recently had to create a presentation reporting evaluation results from several data collection points. There was a telephone interview, an online survey, and a paper survey. As I created my presentation, I added icons to each slide – a phone icon, a computer icon, and a paper icon. Using these ensured limited text on each slide, as they eliminated the need for “Phone interview” or “Online survey” to appear on each.


Rad Resource: Try for all your icon needs! While there is an excellent selection of free icons, they also have a huge selection of low-cost high quality icons. I found prices ranging from $0.48 to $1.98. You can filter your search by price and by license. You can also search specifically for vector graphics, a favorite among graphic artists and presentation creators for their inherent flexibility.
toolsRad Resources: has a great tutorial on creating your own icons in PowerPoint, and Haute Slides features a tutorial  on creating custom icons from clip art.

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2 thoughts on “Sheila B Robinson on Being an “Iconic” Presenter! ;-)”

  1. Hi Sheila,
    Thank you so much for listing Presentation Process website icon tutorials as a resource.
    Icons are really a great way add a dash of professionalism to your slides as you say!

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