Sharon Mahoney on Evaluation Songs

I’m Sharon Mahoney and I loved Mel Mark and Team’s Evaluation Pie. Believe it or not, there is a discussion going on about evaluation songs over on AEA’s LinkedIn Group right now, started somewhat inadvertently by Febrice Quertain. I’m compiling evaluation songs. Here are the ones I know about – can you help me to add to the list?

Rad Resource: Evaluation Pie – See Mel Mark’s November 9 aea365 post. Cindy Bonyai noted in the comments that she had a recording of the (offkey!) performance at AEA on youtube. I’ve embedded it here.

Rad Resource: The Impact Blues – Terry Smutylo of IDRC sings (quite well!) the Impact Blues. Here’s a link to the Karaoke version with words and if you want instead to see Terry performing it, here he is on youtube. Prefer to see him perform it (and learn a bit in the process?) Here he is on youtube:

Rad Resource – Genuine Evaluation Jingle: Here colleagues from New Zealand sing this catchy ditty at Evaluation 2010 in San Antonio.

Note: If you are reading this via email, you may need to click back through to the AEA365 website at to see the embedded videos!

Do you know of others? Add to the comments!

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