SEA Professional Development Week: Common Challenges In Evaluation by Dr. Michelle Chandrasekhar

Hello, again! My name is Dr. Michelle Chandrasekhar and I serve on the Southeast Evaluation Association (SEA) Executive Board. Every year in February, SEA holds an Annual Workshop that offers attendees networking opportunities and a variety of presentations and panel discussions on evaluation issues. At SEA’s 2015 Annual Workshop, the Board facilitated a round table discussion and asked participants to discuss common challenges encountered in conducting evaluations.

Hot Tips: Below is a summary of the observations and tips from SEA’s Workshop round table discussions. Overall, attendees indicated that evaluators need to know how to do the following:

  1. Talk about Evaluation.
  • Build buy-in and rapport – for example, use stories to explain numbers.
  • Create or find case studies or examples that help evaluators talk to others.
  • Communicate the value of evaluation to leadership.
  • Manage the politics – particularly in how data is presented or for analyzing sensitive data.

2. Plan for Good Evaluation.

  • Demonstrate cultural competence – this means going beyond language barriers.
  • Develop good logic models and get them validated up front.
  • Establish relationships among key people in the client’s organization, as well as among fellow evaluators who can help you problem solve.
  • Include front-line people in the conversation to find problems and solutions, or to review reports.
  • Make recommendations that use Return on Investment concepts.
  • Work within the confines of a grant rather than what the evaluator or client may want to do.

3. Manage Evaluations.

  • Manage multiple projects in various stages – use project management tools and update items in your toolbox (reports, communication protocols, client capacity building information).
  • Manage time and people to stay on track – understand the amount of effort needed for a project and that it isn’t practical to make it perfect.
  • Work within the budget (estimate the billable hours, time frame, and amount to charge) and include the client in the process.

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