SCEA Week: Connie Hoskins on Managing a Project Remotely

I am Connie Hoskins, a Research Associate at Vital Research, a research and evaluation consulting firm in the education, health, social services, aging services, and corporate sectors. Although we are based in Los Angeles, we conduct a great deal of our work in other states and nationwide. In one biennial project, we conduct interviews with residents at every long-term care facility in the state of Ohio—33,000 interviews total. We manage these projects – and our field staff – remotely from our office in Los Angeles and have learned some valuable lessons about building teams and meeting client needs from a distance.

Lesson Learned  – Create the illusion that your office is right next door: We work the same hours as our clients and our field staff—6 AM to 2:30 PM for clients on Eastern time and 7 AM to 3:30 PM for clients on Central time—so we are available when they need to reach us. When we receive a call from a client or team member, we drop what we are doing, listen to the question or concern, and immediately work to resolve the issue. Being “in the moment” when communicating with a client or teammate sends the message “we’re in this together” and makes them feel as if we’re not so far away.

Hot Tip – Use collaboration software to connect your team: We have over 50 staff collecting data in the field at any given time and we use to collaborate with them. We personalize a Hub with contact information and a project calendar, and use it to share documents and discuss ideas. Fifty team members can’t actively participate in a conference call, but they can actively participate in a virtual network by posting to a message board and reading updates.

Lesson Learned – Value your team’s experiences: We solicit feedback and testimonials from our field staff and share them with the project team in the form of a weekly newsletter. Sharing experiences and lessons learned helps data collectors feel less isolated and fosters teamwork. We also include a data collection progress bar and relevant tips and reminders.

Lesson Learned – Recognize when you need to meet face-to-face: When you are working with a client for the first time, building relationships within a team, or working in a highly political climate, a face-to-face meeting is well worth the time and money. It helps everyone feel more comfortable and provides an opportunity to build rapport and trust.

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